2021 Modern architecture fell in love with aluminum

2021 Modern architecture fell in love with aluminum

Fortunately, daring and advanced architectural trends are increasingly popular also in stand-alone house construction. Investors now pay close attention not only to the functional side, but also the appearance of their houses.

Aluminum systems are frequently used in large commercial projects, e.g. in office buildings, banks, hotels, shopping malls. They are most often used in combination with glass panes that make sunlight penetrate into the interior of the building.

Aluminum joinery is ideal for this purpose, as this advanced and minimalist solution perfectly matches innovative architectural concepts. Aluminum is particularly compatible with materials such as sheet metal, composites, spot lighting, and concrete.

Outstanding durability

During the boom for PVC windows in the 1990s, manufacturers and sellers emphasized their great durability compared to the wood joinery. Today we know that it is often not the case.

Aluminum joinery has a significant advantage in this regard, as profiles made of metal do not deform. Windows and doors maintain their dimensions and tightness for many, many years.

Aluminum is much better at transferring loads, which e.g. protects the frame from breaking.

The strength of aluminum is attested by the fact that investors are able to easily purchase sliding doors, lifting and sliding doors, or the recently very fashionable biofolding systems with extremely wide leaves.

On top of that, aluminum windows and doors are relatively light, which makes installation even faster and less cumbersome, and increasing the comfort of use.

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